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Download Frank Edward Songs | Latest Updated List

download frank edwards songs

Looking for the best place to download frank Edward songs for free? Then you got it right here. Frank Edward have been doing absolutely well especially in the last few years. He has released some great albums and singles this 2017 and we review some of his music below for your download and listening pleasure.

Usually, frank releases singles or album just to mark his birthday yearly. This year want an exception. Luckily, we have reviewed some of the tracks in his new album. He calls this album BORN IN JULY. Feel free to download and listen to his Holy Ghost filled music.

We won’t forget to mention the latest happening now with frank Edward’s Instagram page. He is currently running something spectacular, he calls it InstaChoir where he tutors upcoming singers the basics of singing. You wouldn’t want to miss out? Check out this Instagram page.

Download Frank Edward Songs – Loving The Way

frank edward born in july album From his newest born in July album comes one of the most inspirational song. The track is titled “Loving The Way” It’s a special song of a heart poured to God appreciating his faithfulness. He expresses his love to God. He features fast rising music artist Ada. Combining both style of music, you can be sure of the best. One of the best line I love from the lyric is “I love the way you make me, it’s like sleeping on the bed of roses”. The song isn’t long. Not more than 4mins, but it’s captivating and we are sure any of his fans will love it.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song – Loving The Way>>>

Download Frank Edward Songs – MOJUBARE

frank edward born in july albumThe next on our list we choose to review is MOJUBARE which is in Yoruba language. The song is a thanks giving song that appreciate God for all his awesomeness and mightiness. The song is done both in English and some little Yoruba lyrics. He curled some lyrics from his other songs. It’s a slow worship music ready to put you in the mood.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song – MOJUBARE>>>


Download Frank Edwards Song – Glad you did

frank edward born in july albumRocktown Kings corner comes with a thrilling rock style pattern music. This track is called “Glad You Did” Frank expresses his heart about God’s love and protection on him. He says “I don’t know why, but you made all things new”. Indeed God is awesome and he showed his love towards us. Download the track with the link below and enjoy.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song – Glad You Did >>>


Download Frank Edward Songs – Champion

frank edward born in july albumRock town boss frank Edward releases a brand new EP which he called “BORN IN JULY”. We were thrilled with one of the special track called CHAMPION. The music is inspiring and features a hip hop style. Of course a music with such name wouldn’t do anything less than that. The music is available on iTunes and Amazon for download and streaming. Though the track is just only 3.18mins, but it’s really groovy. We can’t explain it better except you listen for yourself. Get the party music on and be ready to rock

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song – Champion>>>

Download Frank Edward Songs – LOGO

frank edward born in july albumAlso from his newly released album, he calls this one LOGO. Logo normally brands an individual. Your logo tells more about you in absentia. So he calls Jehovah his Logo. The song is characterized by both fluent English and Pidgin English lyrics. The music is calm and just good for all time and season. We personally think this track will be great for driving when stucked up the traffic.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song LOGO here>>>

Download Frank Edward Songs – Miracle Rain

Frank Edwards song miracle rainFrank Edward released a recent track in 2017 that has been trending online. He calls it Miracle Rain. The song is inspirational and can get the body moving to the rhythms. It talks about the gift of God showered upon him from heaven. It also features some Igbo dialect and Pidgin English within the song lyrics. It’s actually a dance music, so put on your dancing shoes and be ready to dance as the rain of miracle gets ready to fall on you.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Song miracle rain here>>>

Download Frank Edwards Songs – Wetin You No Fit Do?

frank edwards song wetin you no fit doAs usual, frank Edwards song – wetin you no fit do is one awesome song full of inspirational message. It’s a slow worship song exalting the highest God and reverencing him. The song actually means “what can’t you do?” Indeed God can do everything. The music is a video song with few scene featuring frank with his guitar in a studio. You will sure love the song. When next you feel depressed by situation surrounding you, just get hold of this piece and worship Jehovah.

<<<To download frank Edwards song – wetin you no fit do? Click here>>>

Frank Edwards Songs Download – Praise

frank edwards praiseRock town music is here with another awesome single by frank Edward. The gospel singer titles this very one “PRAISE”. The song is a slow vintage music geared towards giving God praise and being grateful to Him for his faithfulness. The music is a slow worship song suitable for personal worship.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Praise>>>


Download Frank Edward Songs – Very Big God

This song reminds me of those old time days when music were played with those old music player “turntable”. Frank Edwards releases another song and calls this one very big God. It’s a vintage old school pattern song. If you miss those old days music, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. The music is a slow inspirational song declaring how big God is and how He has always been by our side.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Very Big God>>>

Download Frank Edward Songs – Under The Canopy

Unfrank edwards under the canopyder the canopy made the trend in Nigeria gospel music early this year. If you follow frank on his Instagram, you can attest to this. Frank even went as far as having an animated video for the music which he claims had cost him so music financial investment. The music talks about the awesomeness of God’s protection when you hide under his grace and covering.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Under The Canopy>>>


Download Frank Edward Songs f.t Tim Godfery – On My Way

Yeahhh. The long awaited song is out. The music is a collaboration of one of the two best gospel artist in Nigeria, Frank Edwards and Tim Godfery. They both title this one “On My Way”. Combining their different styles of music, you can never expect less. On my way is a personal inspiration song proclaiming your arrival. The song takes the style of a hip hop. Features just few words in Igbo and Pidgin. Of course, God is never late.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – On My Way>>>


Download Frank Edwards songs F.t Victor Ike – Celestial

Frank Edwards features another popular gospel artist on his song in 2016. He features victor Ike (aka living water) in his song and titles it celestial. This music was launched almost immediately after a worship experience titled Heavenly Vowels which was done live on Facebook official fan page. The music is slow, calm and heaven provoking. Celestial often used to refer to heaven or spiritual scenario. Trust me, the song will take you to the next heaven. The song is composed of powerful lyrics and tongues speaking. Trust me when I say this song is spirit filled, in fact, 50% of the song was done in heavenly language and just few English and Igbo words.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Celestial>>>

Download Frank Edwards songs – sweet love

In anticipation to frank’s birthday which is 22nd July, frank Edwards releases some singles and “sweet love” happens to be one of the hit songs during this period. The music is basically in Pidgin English with inspirational lyrics and features victor Ike of rock town music. It takes Igbo beat and is a dance song. He describes the song as God’s love wey dey make my body sweet like sugar. Indeed God’s love is awesome

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Celestial>>>

Download Frank Edwards Songs F.t Don Moe – Ka Anyi Bulie

Again frank Edwards features another popular gospel artist and song writer Don Moe. Their song is called “Ka Anyi Bulie” one of the track from frank Edwards album “Frankincense”. You will sure love the music. It combines both English and Igbo dialect. Typically, the command of Don Moe’s Igbo pronunciation is pretty cool. If you have been following frank Edward on social media, you would know that this song was trending at that time. Click on the link below to download frank Edward song – Ka Anyi Bulie.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Ka Anyi Bulie>>>

Download Frank Edwards Songs – Defender>>>

frank edwards defenderNext on our list on latest frank Edward’s song is Defender. Though this song has been released over a year now, it’s still trending online and we thought you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to download the music. The song talks about taking shield under the covering of God. It acknowledges the love of Christ for us and the victory we’ve got in him. The music is a bit groovy so you should be ready to dance it out. The song has had some personal remixes from the writer but still maintains its original idea and beat.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Defender>>>

Download Frank Edwards Songs – Even if the sky is falling

Sequel to frank edwards’ birthday in 2016, the popular gospel music singer and producer releases a single which he calls “Even If The Sky Is Falling” the song talks about total trust and dependent on God no matter what, even if the sky should fall… the music is a bit groovy so be ready sweat it out. The song is written in both English and few lines of pidgin and Igbo. Even if the sky falling, I’ll still be standing here by your side. And just a little recommendation, if you are a choir director, you would want to try out this song for your special appearances.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs –Even if the sky falling>>>

Download frank edward music – Onye (My Story)

frank edwards Onye (My Story)Frank Edwards song “onye” is a slow music piece which is written both in English and Igbo. The song is slow and spirit filled. It talks about the faithfulness of God and what He has done to deserve his praise. I couldn’t stop playing it over and over again when I first had it. There are some special intro music and spiritual effects before and after the song.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Onye>>>

Download Frank Edwards Music F.t Micha Stampley – Baba

Frank Edwards Music F.t Micha Stampley – BabaEven if the sky is falling down, you will still be God and God alone. Recently Frank Edwards have collaborated with some Popular American gospel artist to release some singles. This is not an exceptional as he features popular singer Micah Stampley and calls it “Baba”. The highlight of the music is the pitch Micah took. The song talks about total trust and dependent on God no matter what, even if the sky should fall. Its amazing hearing the black American speak African/Nigerian dialects.

<<<Download Frank Edwards Songs – Baba>>>


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