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Download Sinach Songs

download sinach songs

If you are looking out to download sinach songs, then you have come to the right blog.

Osinachi Joseph whose stage name is Sinach is one of Nigeria finest gospel music writer and songstress. She happens to be a senior worship leader in believers love world popularly known as Christ embassy. She has lots of album launched to her credit which includes and not limited to: shout it loud, from glory to glory, I’m blessed, way maker etc. Lately, she has had numerous of her music done within Nigeria and South Africa. Sinach got married to Joseph Egbu on June 28, 2014 and since then, she has had a great breakthrough in her music ministry.

We have made available some of her most popular and trending music for your viewing pleasure. Some are available as video download from her YouTube channel, while some are available as mp3 for immediate download.

Download Sinach Song Wonderful father

Sinach comes up with another awesome worship musical piece and she calls it wonderful father. It’s a live recording with her wonderful choir and responsive audience. It’s a call to worship the wonderful father. Apart from being a worship song, it’s also a prophetic music that will set your life ablaze again with the passion of God. We are sure you will fall in love with this music.

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I celebrate

God is a jealous God and requires that all worship be ascribed to him. Sinach worship and praises God with this one she calls I celebrate. There’s always a cause for celebration because of his love which endures forever. She reverences Gods handiwork in his creation with her live recording while featuring a rap from Assent Tweed. Indeed our God is great and that’s enough for our celebration.

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Download Overflow By Sinach

Overflow is another gift from our own Sinach. It’s one thing to have the Holy Spirit within us, it’s another thing to have an overflow of his spirit. If you are looking out for a worship song to bring down the Holy Spirit, then you have found the right choice. Out of our belly shall flow rivers of living waters. We believe and crave for an overflow as you get bless with this song.

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In love with you By Sinach

Yet again Nigeria popular gospel singer sinach releases another single she calls “In Love With You”. According to 1 John 4:19. We know that we love him because he first showered his love towards us. This song has had over 2 million views on YouTube and we thought you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to have a glimpse of this piece. This song is just great for personal worship and we know you will be blessed. This is a sure way to confess our love to Yahweh. I’m in love with you Jesus, you’re my everything dear lord.

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Sinach Song My everything

We have searched all through the earth and we have found none else like Him. These were the words of sinach in her new song. She comes with another music called my everything. It’s a rocky song that will certainly make you move your body to the rhythms of the song. She calls God “my everything”. It’s a praise song that can even lead a congregation into praise and dance before the lord.

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Sing alleluia

Alleluia or Hallelujah is a word from the Hebrew language with literally means “Praise ye Yah” and interpreted to be Praise Yahweh. “sing alleluia” by sinach is a song done in adoration to Yahweh. Basically, sinach songs always come with an easy to grab lyrics, yet powerful and sonorous. We strongly suggest you don’t miss out on an opportunity to download this musical worship piece from the songstress.

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God alone By Sinach

If you have not heard nor have this in your worship music collection, then you are really missing out hard time. Sinach does this gospel piece with Nigeria gospel singer Peter Tobe. God is a miracle working God and perhaps you presently need a miracle in your life, then we suggest you breed yourself with thi song. The song is spirit filled and one of its kinds. You do miracle so great, in your name there’s victory, great and mighty God. In your name there’s victory– these are some of the heart filled words from the lyrics.

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All I see is you

In the midst of the storm, crisis, tribulation, the good and the bad, all we see is Jesus. The song starts with chanting of praise and reverences to God assuring him that we always see him amidst our afflictions because it only last for a moment. She features popular love world and Nigeria gospel singer Joe praise. Maybe you are passing through challenges and you need a breakthrough, then this song is for you. We believe that as your worship him with this song, you breakthrough will come knocking.

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Download I adore By Sinach featuring casey ed

If there’s any One of Sinach songs we at GMusicVibes will give a thumbs up, then it has to be this. A totally call to worship song by the don herself sinach. We can’t say music about the song because we ate totally overwhelmed. She features Casey Ed which has an amazing and exceptional voice. Cassy Ed is the bandleader for Sinach and her musical team with so much experience and musical portfolio. Combining both voices, you can’t expect less. The song is all about the presence of God and we are certain you will fill him with this song.

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Strong Faith ft. Martin PK mp3

And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara’s womb: He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God Rom 4;19-20

Strong faith is a dance song that is geared towards stirring the faith of the believer. There comes a time when our faith is threatened. We need Gods word to help us stand strong. She features Martin PK. Martin PK is a South African singer, songwriter and actor. This combination of gospel musician will leave you astonished. Get ready to dance have a leap of faith as you listen.

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He Reigns mp3

The LORD reigns forever, your God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the LORDPsalm 146:10

For before creation, God was there, he made all creations and all there in. these are enough to proclaim he reign in our lives and affairs. Sinach wants to use this song to call all worship to acknowledge the reign of God, ascribing all adorations to him and him alone. It’s a wonderful ministerial musical piece you wouldn’t want to miss out. One part we loved was the special voice where she features a wonderful voice from the children choir.

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Great I am Download

Great I am is one of Sinach trending song. It’s geared towards sincere worship to the one and only true God. The music has since received lots of searches and downloads online. The music is slow and inspiring, strong enough to put anyone in the mood of worship. It features full back-up choir ministering alongside. Despite an old music, the song still commands and provokes an atmosphere for worship and miracles. Great selection for church and Christian gathering.

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Sinach Song Great are you lord

If you are a favorite fan of sinach and haven’t heard or got this musical worship piece in your gospel music collection, then you are missing out on some vibes. Great are you lord was and still is one of sinach trending music. The song has had its way into the heart of almost all worshipers. It’s being sang in churches during worship and even being an aged song, it’s still effective in bring down God’s presence. It’s a simple lyrics and easy to catch up –

Great are You lord
Greatly to be praised
Greatly to be praised
Father You reign

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I know who I am

Sinach Song I know who I am was a hit song released early 2012. No matter what people and the world say about you whether positive or negative, comes to no avail until you accept whatever you believe about yourself from the world of God. We are what we believe. Sinach uses this song to remind the believer from the scriptures that we are a chosen generation called forth to show the Excellency of God. It’s an old song and we thought you would love to refresh your memory with this awesome musical piece from sinach.

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