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Download Steve Crown Songs And Lyrics 2018

download steve crown songsIf you are looking out to download Steve crown songs, then you have found that right place. We have taken out time to upload all Steve crown latest songs and trending songs for your listening pleasure.

Steve crown known as Steve Crown Okolo hails from Benue state, but was brought up in Abuja. He has right from his tender age developed the passion for spiritual music.

He happened to be the founder of Lakelight Entertainment which has been a blessing to this present generation.

Unlike other Nigeria gospel music minister, Steve Crown’s music is often characterized by heavy outpour of the spirit. One of such music is “you are great by Steve crown”.

We have listed some of his songs for easy download. Feel free to download Steve Crown songs you have so desired.

Download You are great by Steve crown

You are great by Steve crown happens to be one of the hit songs that launched him into the gospel music proper. The song talks about the mightiness of God almighty. It’s a simple “call and response song”. The music is popularly sang in churches and has never diminished in it’s impart on the congregation. Whether for personal worship experience, or congregational, “you are great by Steve crown” will always be a great choice for anyone.

>>>click here to download you are great by Steve Crown<<<

Download We Wait On You By Steve Crown

Shortly after the trending music “you are great by Steve crown”, “We Wait On You” became another piece of musical work that made its way into the heart of worshipers. The song is a slow musical work that talks about our helplessness and the call on the Holy Spirit to come and help our weakness. it is an awesome choice of worship for a Holy Ghost service. It’s a simple song, easy to get the lyrics. We have uploaded it here for your listening pleasure.

>>>click here to download We Wait On You by Steve Crown<<<

Download Ejiro By Steve Crown

Ejiro is a delta song and specifically an uhrobo dialet. Ejiro which often goes with Oghene means praise God. This piece of music is a praise song that exalts God above all circumstances you may ever go through in life. When ever you think of how far God has brought you, all you need do is offer him his undiluted praise. Indeed, God is worthy of all adoration.

>>>click here to download Ejiro by Steve Crown<<<

Download Imela By Steve Crown

Imela is a popular word that has been used as song titles by most popular Nigerian gospel musicians. No doubt that stave crown’s music “imela” stands out as a song delivered out of a heart of thanks giving. Imela is an igbo dialet which means “thanks”. Steve crown in this piece, thank God for life and creation in general. The song is a slow song suitable for worship. Even though its not popularly sang in congregational worship, it will be a great choice for personal devotion.

>>>click here to download Imela by Steve Crown<<<

Download Healing Wings By Steve Crown

God’s wish and will for us is to live in health and prosper in all ramifications. Steve stirs the atmosphere with the presence of God as he invites the Holy Spirit to step in with healing on his wings. If you are passing through health challenges, be sure that this is just the music you need to increase your faith and grab your healing. Lift your hands, receive your sight, rise and work as He touches you with his healing wings.

>>>click here to download healing wings by Steve Crown<<<

Download All The Glory By Steve Crown

All the glory is a simple song yet filled with heavy outpour of the spirit. Steve crown in this song gives Yaweh all the glory for all what He has done while he calls him all names such as my protector, my helper, my provider, my healer. The song is slow with tongues speaking. It is characterized by strings and percussion instruments. Indeed he’s the God of wonders and a mighty ruler” – that was curled from a portion of the lyrics. We are so sure you will love the piece. Steve crown never stops to amaze us with his inspirational songs.

>>>click here to download all the glory by Steve Crown<<<

Download Awesome God By Steve Crown

Another awesome work from Nigerian popular gospel artist Steve Crown is Awesome God. The song was written along with his “Nations will rise and sing” – one of his visions that took the Nigerian gospel music industries with God’s tangible presence. He calls God “awesome” as he calls on nations to raise their voices in exaltation to God. Indeed God reigns above all. The song is great for choir ministration since he features a mass choir with special parts. For us at GMusicVibes.com, this is our best from his collection.

“Creations shall declare Your glory
Trees in the fields will bow down
Lord, You reign awesome God

Creations shall declare Your glory
Trees in the fields will bow down
Lord, You reign awesome God”
Curled from the lyrics…

>>>click here to download awesome God by Steve Crown<<<

Download You Alone By Steve Crown

We are in a world where people ascribe their achievements to other people and things other then God. But we understand that everything we have in life can only be because of God. By God’s grace, this music channels all praises to God and God alone. If you are looking out for an awesome praise song, then you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to download this wonderful praise song from sieve crown.

>>>click here to download you alone by Steve Crown<<<

Download Egbe Jesu Ga By Steve Crown

We see for the first time, Steve does fast song capable of getting you on the dance flow. He comes with a dance music which he calls Egbe Jesu Ga. It is translated from Yoruba as “The body of Jesus”. The song is both in English and Yoruba and we are sure you will love it. Put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance to the king of kings.

>>>click here to download Egbe Jesu Ga by Steve Crown<<<

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