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Tope Alabi Angeli Mi Song And Abulm Download

Tope Alabi popularly known as “oore tio common” among her early years fans is unarguably one of the most talented and best gospel artistes that have come out of Nigeria, popularly known for using her indigenous language Yoruba to sing eulogy of the most high that when you understand what she’s saying she practically leaves you with goosebumps and leaves you in amazement of how humongous the God you serve is, makes you wonder how someone who is as big as that will be mindful of you…yes that’s what Tope Alabi’s songs does.

The local and international award winning artiste is one of those minstrels we are always grateful for the anointing on her life because she sings songs that transcends time, age, tribe, views and religion.

Tope Alabi Angeli mi is her fifth studio album which was released in 2007 and it comprises of nine songs; OLORUN



Angeli mi- ‘my angel’ named after the album, in angeli mi she implored her angel never to leave her as in this world she needs an angel to constantly be on the watch for her , she called her angel her guardian, one who takes care of her in every areas mentioning that her angel is her creator




Olorun gbangba means “big or large” God, and in the song she acribes praises to the almighty not forgetting to mention that no word in human vocabulary or language can truly describe how big a God he is.

Stating that he is unexplainable and undescribable, as he is the one who sits between the border controlling heaven and earth and mighty are his works, praising God in names only deserving of him.

<<<Download GBANGBA>>>



Mimo l’oluwa simply means “holy God”, and in the song she sings about how pure and holy the God we serve is and how no man on earth can compare to him in holiness making reference to Psalms 24 verses 3-4 which says “who shall ascend into the hill of the lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?, he that hath clean hands and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity not sworn deceitfully”.(kjv)

<<<Download MIMO L’OLUWA>>>



Jesu olurapada means ‘Jesus the saviour’ and in the song she reveres God as the saviour of the world putting into beautiful words how the blameless son of God choose to die for the sins of the world referencing to the events that led to the trials and death of our lord Jesus christ.

<<<Download JESU OLURAPADA>>>



E gbe ga ‘lift him high’ is one praise jam that transcends time, you just have to shake your body and praise your maker when it comes up.

In e gbe ga she calls on everyone to join her in lifting God high saying he is the one who has changed her life, he is the one who has turned her mourning into laughter saying when she wakes, and everyday and time of her life she will praise God as he owns her.

So what are you waiting for? God derives joy in us praising him, praise him for that situation you are trusting him for and watch him do which only him can do.

<<<Download E GBE GA>>>



Nigbati mo ro means when I think about it, and what she was talked about is how speechless she is anytime she thinks about the goodness of God in her life.

This song is one that throws every listener into deep thought and gratitude because no matter what we are going through the song takes us back to that time when God came through for us last minute when we weren’t expecting anything or when we thought all hope was lost.


She sang that when she thinks about the goodness of God she comes to the conclusion that he is really high and mighty.

So take time out today to thank God for all he has done, don’t be the one who is always asking but never remembering to be thankful for past victories.

<<<Download NIGBATI MO RO>>>



Wa b’eru re nibode is that song that reminds us that we are visitors on this earth and that whatever we do here our actions will be judged somewhere someday by the supreme being.

That no matter how powerful you think you are, how ruthless or kind you are to people, how supreme you think you are on earth that there is someone who is greater than you who will judge your actions and will determine your final abode.

The song is a song of advice to people who do not know God or who are evil doers to desist from every act that does not glorify God.

<<<Download WA B’ERU RE NIBODE>>>



Opin Irin ajo means the end of a journey, and in the song she sang that it is only God who can determine the journey of a man on earth and that whatever a man does without the hand of God in it is futile because he is the one who determines the outcome of a man in life .

Only God knows the journey of a man from the beginning to the end so we should endeavour to seek his face in everything we do.

<<<Download OPIN IRIN AJO>>>



E ma r’ope which means ‘do not think that..’ is a song of admonition to people never to look down on anyone in life no matter what situation or predicament they are in at the moment when we come across them because the homeless person of today might own the biggest building on the block tomorrow, and it is also a song of encouragement to people going through hard times thinking that is the most they can make of their life making reference to Psalms 118 verse 22 which says;

” the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone”. (Amp)


She sang that God looks at the heart of every man and his plan is different from what any man can plan for himself because he is the beginning and the end and that there is always light at the end of every tunnel and that God will surely bring every man out of every trying time.

So do not let what people say about you stop you from believing what God has said about you, hold on to his promises because he is not a son of man that will lie.

<<<Download E MA R’OPE>>>

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