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victory by eben – Lyrics and Download

victory by eben

Having heard this song for the first time on Sunday, when my church choir sang it during the praise session of the service, and the entire church sang along except me, I began to question my Christian life and in the process realized that I barely listen to gospel music, which is quite astounding, because I love music. I then decided to listen to 10 gospel music weekly for a start, so as to avoid embarrassment next time. Just imagine, what if the church cameras had zoomed in on me mouthing nonsense during the praise session? I don’t even want to think about it. Lolz


So, right now, seated in my office, my earphone plugged in, I’m listening to “Victory” by EBEN, and my God! I just want to get up and dance. This song just lifted my spirit from start to finish with its very dance-able instrumentals and the positively life changing lyrics…

This song gives me live! I’m going to go to the restroom and dance right now.

Below is the lyrics of the song, so you won’t end up mouthing nonsense, like I did when I first heard it:


He has given me victory
Almighty God has given me victory
He has given me victory

All the days of my life I’ll praise You
Everything that I have na You gave to me Baba
Lord I say for your Love I’m grateful
Jesu You love me plenty, you came to die for me

Jehovah Rapha Jehovah Nissi
I Am that I Am, The Great provider
I searched around, there’s no one else like You
Lion of Judah: You’re the mighty Man in battle

[Refrain:] Aiyee! God has given me victory
Aiyee! He has given me victory
[Repeat] Hallelujah eh (Halle) [Repeat]

Come and see what the Lord has done for me
He has taken away my sorrows and now I’m free!
Agam e buru hallelujah e buru (I will carry hallelujah)
Agam a para hallelujah para o (I will carry my praise)

[Refrain #2:] Because of Jesus everyday na shakara I dey do
(Because of Jesus everyday I have a life worth showing off)
Double double heavenly blessings na him I dey receive (from Him I receive)
God Your Grace and mercies always dey follow me


If Jesus has given you victory,
Come let’s dance, let’s give Him praises now

[Refrain #2]


[Refrain #2]

You can watch the video below


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